Sperm Freezing

Why do I have to store sperm?

Cancer treatment can reduce and damage sperm in the testes. Freezing sperm is an option for men including adolescent boys.

Having children may not be your priority right now, but it can become important for some of you later. Following cancer treatment, some may not be able to produce sperm. As a result, their ability to have children may be affected.

Many can have their own children with the help of fertility treatment in the future if they freeze their sperm before receiving cancer treatment.

When should I freeze the semen sample?

The semen sample should be preferably frozen before the start of the cancer treatment. However, your cancer treatment should not be delayed because of this.

What will happen at the clinic?

The whole procedure can be finished within an afternoon session.

You will meet our fertility specialist and be asked about your medical history.

If you decide to freeze sperm, you (and your parents if you are younger than 18 years old) will sign the consent. 

You will be given a specimen cup, which is to be taken with you into a private room to produce a sample by masturbation.  If you cannot achieve this, don’t worry as it is easy to make another appointment for this. Sometimes, you may be asked to produce two samples a few days apart to increase the number of sperm that can be stored.

What if I cannot produce a semen sample?

If you are worried about this, you can always talk to a member of the team caring for you. We can further discuss alternative ways of collecting your sample.

What will happen to my sperm?

Your sperm will be checked under the microscope for their number, motility and appearance.

They will then be stored in vials in a liquid nitrogen tank (an extra cold freezer). It will be kept in the freezer until you wish to use them to make babies or until when you do not wish to continue freezing them.

How can I use the frozen sperm to make babies in the future?

You may be asked to perform a sperm test after your cancer treatment, as some men may still have sperm after cancer treatment and may never need to use the frozen sperm. Your wife and you can be referred to our fertility clinic when you have plans for babies. This is what will happen:

Be legally married before you undergo fertility treatment
We will collect eggs from your wife. We will then combine her eggs and your sperm together.
Embryos will be formed in the laboratory and replaced to your wife’s womb.
Your wife will become pregnant if it is successful.

How long can I store my frozen sperm in the laboratory?

According to Code of Practice on Reproductive Technology & Embryo Research issued by the Council on Human Reproductive Technology in Hong Kong, you can freeze the frozen sperm until you are 55 years old or for 10 years, whichever later. You can specify an age limit lower than 55 years or a maximum period of shorter than 10 years.

The contract needs to be renewed every two years.
The frozen sperm will be discarded if you fail to renew the contract.

Can I terminate the storage contract?

Yes, you can inform the centre anytime if you do not want to continue with the storage of frozen sperm.

How much does this service cost?

Semen freezing for cancer patients and the first 2 years of storage: HKD$ 4,400
Further storage for every 2 years: HKD$ 6,600
(subject to changes)

How do I arrange the sperm freezing service?

You can download a referral form from our website or obtain a referral letter to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Queen Mary Hospital from your cancer doctor. Please fax the referral letter to 22554842.

We will arrange an appointment within one week.

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