Psychosocial Counseling

Many individuals and couples will experience a wide range of psychosocial distress during the course of treatment, from doing medical investigation, making treatment and family formation decision, undergoing assisted reproduction technologies, facing the results after the treatment and making prospective family plan. They may display various types of emotional and relationship concerns.

The Centre offers psychosocial support service on fertility and infertility which adopts a holistic approach for the betterment of mental, emotional and behavioral welfare of the individual and couples facing fertility issues. Empirical psychosocial intervention model for women undergoing in vitro fertilization has also been established. Evidence shows that psychosocial intervention could effectively enhance one’s physical and psychosocial well-being.

Psychosocial assessment, counselling support and psycho-educational programmes are being offered by the medical social worker at the HKU-QMH CARE, supporting individuals and couples who are seeking different types of assisted reproduction technologies.

Patients with psychological concerns can make appointment with our medical social worker for further enquiries. Counselling is offered independent of the clinical decision-making process and information obtained during counselling would be kept confidential.

Types of Service

1. Psychosocial evaluation

Offered to

  • Oocyte and sperm donors
  • Couples who are seeking donated gametes for treatment
  • Couples who are seeking donated embryos

[Psychosocial assessment report will be generated after interviewing different concerned parties.]

2. Psychosocial counselling

  • Decision-making support

    This aims to enable the person concerned to understand the implications of the proposed course of action for themselves, for their family, and for any children born as a result
  • Supportive counselling

    This aims to give psychological and social support for individuals or couples at times of particular stress during the course of treatment: during treatment period, awaiting for ART results, facing cycle failure or experiencing pregnancy loss.
  • Stress management programme

    The program is specifically designed for women who are undergoing their IVF cycle. It aims at alleviating their anxiety arising from treatment and enhancing their well being through adopting the Integrative Body-mind-spirit Intervention Approach.



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