Psychosocial Counseling

Assisted reproduction is always considered physically and emotionally demanding. Individuals and couples may experience a wide range of psychosocial distress over the course of treatment, such as anxiety, stress, anger, depression, guilt, frustration, sense of loss, etc. Evidence shows that psychosocial intervention can enhance one’s physical and psychosocial well-being.

The psychosocial counseling service for infertile couples in the Centre was established in 2001 and is jointly provided by the Centre on Assisted Reproduction and Embryology, the University of Hong Kong – Queen Mary Hospital and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Experienced counselors provide counseling supports to individuals or couples undergoing various types of assisted reproduction. The service adopts a holistic approach for the promotion and betterment of mental, emotional and behavioral welfare of individuals or couples.

Psychosocial counseling is offered independent of the clinical decision-making process and information obtained during counseling would be kept confidential.

Counseling Service

Psychosocial assessment, counseling support and marital therapy will be provided by Registered Social Worker(s) who is/are licensed by the Social Workers Registration Board in Hong Kong.

1. Psychosocial evaluation

Third-party reproduction such as use of donor eggs and sperm is a recognized method to enable infertile couples with no eggs or sperm to conceive.

Psychosocial evaluation for donor assisted reproduction will be provided for:

  • Potential couple who receives donated gametes or embryos
  • Potential gamete or embryo donor and the spouse

*Psychosocial evaluation report will be generated after the interview with different concerned parties


Potential recipient couple who receives donated gametes or embryos* $4,000 per session
Potential oocyte or sperm donor and the spouse* $4,000 per session

*Referral letter is required

2. Psychosocial counseling

Types of counseling

  • Implications counseling

    This aims to enable the person concerned

    • To understand the implications of the proposed course of action for themselves, for their family, and for any children born as a result
    • To make decisions on fertility treatments and explore what it means to use a donor egg, donor sperm or a donor embryo and what it will mean if people decide to donate their own eggs, sperm or embryos
    • To make decisions identifying the timing for fertility treatments
    • To make decisions regarding what to do with remaining embryos
  • Support and therapeutic counseling

    This aims to give emotional support at times of particular stress along the fertility path, and to help people cope with the consequences of infertility and treatment, and to help them to resolve the problems such as:

    • Psychological distress such as depression and anxiety
    • Failed fertility treatments or treatment termination
    • Pregnancy loss such as miscarriage and stillbirth
    • Marital and family relationship issues
  • Health and mental health education programme

    The program is specifically designed for women who are undergoing their IVF cycle. It aims at alleviating their anxiety arising from treatment and enhancing their well-being through a series of mind-body self-help techniques.

Fee-charging for individual counseling session

Patients undergoing public or private assisted reproduction at

  • Centre of Assisted Reproduction and Embryology,
    The University of Hong Kong-Queen Mary Hospital (HKU-QMH CARE)
  • Dr. Stephen CHOW Chun-kay Assisted Reproduction Centre,
    Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH)
  • Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (PYNEH) Fertility Clinic
  • Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Fertility Clinic
HK$1,000 per hour

* A referral letter from one of the above clinics is required

Individuals or couples from other clinics and hospitals HK$1,200 per hour

* Self-referral is acceptable but a referral letter from a doctor is preferred.

Contact Information

Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 3910 2569
Email :
Website :

Case Admission Mechanism for Infertility Counselling Support


  • Meeting venue will be in Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong. Details and transportation will be sent to clients in advance of the meeting.
  • For clients referred by hospitals or clinics, referral letter by doctors is required. For self-referred clients, they are required to complete an intake form at the first session of consultation.
  • All clients are required to sign consent form at the beginning of intake session.
  • All case recording will be used for counselling purpose. The information collected will not be disclosed to other parties other than Department of Social Worker and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. The case recording will be stored in HKU with the compliance of Private Data Ordinance.
  • Referral to other qualified professionals will be made when necessary, such as psychiatrist, sex therapist etc.

December 2021