Other Staff

Name Title
Dr. Ng Tsui Lin Ada Consultant and Chief of Urology Division (Surgery, QMH)
Dr. Ho Sze Ho Brian Associate Consultant (Surgery, QMH)
Dr. Tsang Chiu Fung Associate Consultant (Surgery, QMH)
Dr. Lai Chun Ting Terence Associate Consultant (Surgery, QMH)
Prof. Lam Ching Wan Clinical Professor (Pathology, HKU)
Dr. Chung Hon Yin Brian Associate Professor (Paediatrics / CRDG, HKU)
Dr. Tang Hoi Yin Mary Clinical Associate Professor (PDC)
Dr. Kan Sik Yau Anita Consultant (PDC)
Prof. Tan Choon Beng Kathryn Clinical Professor (Medicine, HKU)